Snowboarding: From Newbie to CASI Level 1

I got my CASI Level 1 certificate this March, and it’s really a milestone for me and it helps me to explore snowboarding better. So if you like snowboarding and would like to advance your skills, this post would give you an idea about what CASI is and when you are ready for it. All resources mentioned could be found at the end.

What is CASI

CASI is short for the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors and is Canada’s national professional snowboard teach organization (Wikipedia). It issues four levels of certifications (I~IV) and also a park instructor certificate. Apart from Canada, it also now runs courses and certifies snowboard instructors in Andorra, China, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Being a member of CASI brings various benefits including but not limited to: equipment deals, insurances, international recognition, national industry partners, and etc. For me, it not only provides great deals on snowboarding equipment, recognizes my skills, but also exposes me to more possibilities.

When are you ready

CASI Level 1 is more like a 3-day training camp, during which you need to demonstrate that you can ride like a CASI Level 1 instructor and learn how to teach snowboarding. To pass it, you need to fulfil its requirements for both riding and teaching. The course guide is available here.

Riding skills

There are three key competencies: centred and mobile position, turning with the lower body, balance over the working edge. When you attend the course, you don’t have to be perfect in those aspects, because coaches will check your riding skills and provide feedback on the first day. As long as you can improve it during the course, it should not be a problem.

Teaching beginning snowboarders

In this part, you need to learn the S.A.F.E. model and QuickRide system. Each of them contains several steps and basically they are the routes that you will follow when you teach beginners. Notably, the QuickRide system requires demonstration everywhere, so it’s necessary that you can meet the requirements for presenting the demos.

Now, to answer the question “am I ready“, the main focus would be on riding skills. CASI suggests booking a lesson with a current CASI Level 1 instructor to get feedback on your riding. Before that, we can definitely check ourselves against the three competencies by checking the riding standard.

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CASI Level 1 course guide:
CASI Level 1 riding standards:

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