[Leetcode]1626. Best Team With No Conflicts

You are the manager of a basketball team. For the upcoming tournament, you want to choose the team with the highest overall score. The score of the team is the sum of scores of all the players in the team.
However, the basketball team is not allowed to have conflicts. A conflict exists if a younger player has a strictly higher score than an older player. A conflict does not occur between players of the same age.
Given two lists, scores and ages, where each scores[i] and ages[i] represents the score and age of the ith player, respectively, return the highest overall score of all possible basketball teams.
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[Leetcode]1589. Maximum Sum Obtained of Any Permutation

We have an array of integers, nums, and an array of requests where requests[i] = [starti, endi]. The ith request asks for the sum of nums[starti] + nums[starti + 1] + ... + nums[endi - 1] + nums[endi]. Both starti and endi are 0-indexed.
Return the maximum total sum of all requests among all permutations of nums.
Since the answer may be too large, return it modulo 109 + 7.
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[Leetcode]1590. Make Sum Divisible by P

Given an array of positive integers nums, remove the smallest subarray (possibly empty) such that the sum of the remaining elements is divisible by p. It is not allowed to remove the whole array.
Return the length of the smallest subarray that you need to remove, or -1 if it's impossible.
A subarray is defined as a contiguous block of elements in the array.
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