[Leetcode]621. Task Scheduler

You are given a char array representing tasks CPU need to do. It contains capital letters A to Z where each letter represents a different task. Tasks could be done without the original order of the array. Each task is done in one unit of time. For each unit of time, the CPU could complete either one task or just be idle.
However, there is a non-negative integer n that represents the cooldown period between two same tasks (the same letter in the array), that is that there must be at least n units of time between any two same tasks.
You need to return the least number of units of times that the CPU will take to finish all the given tasks.
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[Leetcode]1520. Maximum Number of Non-Overlapping Substrings

Given a string s of lowercase letters, you need to find the maximum number of non-emptysubstrings of s that meet the following conditions:
The substrings do not overlap, that is for any two substrings s[i..j] and s[k..l], either j < k or i > l is true.
A substring that contains a certain character c must also contain all occurrences of c.
Find the maximum number of substrings that meet the above conditions. If there are multiple solutions with the same number of substrings, return the one with minimum total length. It can be shown that there exists a unique solution of minimum total length.
Notice that you can return the substrings in any order.
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Find maximum meetings in one room

There is one meeting room in a firm. There are N meetings in the form of (S[i], F[i]) where S[i] is the start time of meeting i and F[i] is finish time of meeting i. The task is to find the maximum number of meetings that can be accommodated in the meeting room. Print all meeting numbers
Input : s[] = {1, 3, 0, 5, 8, 5}, f[] = {2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 9}
Output : 1 2 4 5
First meeting [1, 2]
Second meeting [3, 4]
Fourth meeting [5, 7]
Fivth meeting [8, 9]
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